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The best thing since sliced bread

GMail has apparently introduced a new feature while I was away for EF — the "priority inbox". It's a simple but ingenious idea; instead of burying the user in a barrage of new email, use a Bayesian filter to not just separate ham (non-spam) from spam, but also important emails (bacon, to coin a new term) from ham, and display the former separately from the latter in a split inbox view.

In fact, you can split your inbox into up to four parts (myself, I've gone for "Important and Unread", "Important", "Starred" and "Everything else", in that order). It's extremely useful, and doubly so when you also use GMail's keyboard navigation (so you can just hit "+" and "-" to mark threads as more or less important than they are currently considered to be).

Definitely one of those "why didn't anyone think of this before" kinds of things.
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