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A man can't just sit around

Today is the 17th anniversary of the death of Larry Walters, better known as Lawnchair Larry, the guy who tied fourty-five weather balloons to his lawnchair, strapped in and filled them with helium, and who ended up climbing to 15000+ feet and floating about for several hours before ultimately managing to make it safely to the ground again, but not before startling several commercial airline pilots and causing a blackout in a residential neighborhood.

When he landed, cops and journalists were already waiting for him, and when one of the latter asked him why he had done it, he replied, "a man can't just sit around."

So let that be your motto for the day. :) (I realize that the 2nd of July, which is when he made his flight, would be a better choice than the anniversary of his death for what one might dub "Lawnchair Larry Day", but it's not July anymore, so there. :) I'll rectify this next year, though.)

(Incidentally, the Wikipedia article on Lawnchair Larry is one of those articles that I started myself, almost seven years ago now.)
Tags: anniversaries, holidays that don't exist but should, lawnchair larry day, quote of the day
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