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Date formats

OK, I think now I've seen everything[1]:

Seriously, YYYY-DD-MM? What the heck? What is the point of that, other than to sow confusion? It doesn't have any nice properties (unlike, say, YYYY-MM-DD, for which the natural and lexicographic order coincide), it's not used in any culture, and it introduces ambiguousness where none existed before, bringing the problems with DD-MM-YYYY and MM-DD-YYYY to YYYY-MM-DD.

On that note, I really wish we'd all just use YYYY-MM-DD already and get rid of the rest. Myself, I've not been using anything else in at least half a decade myself (other than whan I slip and fall back to the traditional German DD-MM-YYYY, but that's a very rare occurrence nowadays); I don't expect everyone else to follow suit immediately, but at the very least, it'd be nice if people accomodated for international standards[2].

Anyhow, as far as Second Life is concerned, I'm mostly amused; it's just so absurd. :)

  1. Actually, I've seen this before, but chances are it was just a mistake then. Of course, chances are that it's just a mistake on the Second Life site, too, but they have much less of an excuse for not having caught this.

  2. 2. For example, a few years ago, when I wanted to book a train ticket through the Deutsche Bahn website, I found that they did not recognize YYYY-MM-DD dates at all, and when I got in touch with them and suggested that they rectify this (seeing as there was a standard), they told me that they were already aware of the issue but would not fix it. AAMOF, it still doesn't work now that I'm writing this, either.

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