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Just what it says on the tin

I know I'm posting too many Youtube videos again these days, but this is really cute. I was just searching for different renditions of "hava nagila" on Youtube, I came across a video titled "Hava Nagila Texas Style".

Naturally, I had to check that out. And indeed, it's just what it says on the tin (although it takes a bit of time to pick up pace, so if you're impatient, fast forward to 0:40):

Cute, isn't it? :) Could still use a bit more fiddlin', though, not to mention some square-dancin'! Yee-haw!

I should probably also mention that there's a political organization that's apparently behind this whole thing; I don't know anything about those folks (although having had Jerry Falwell on the board doesn't inspire confidence), and I'm only posting this video because the music itself was cute.)

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