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kyron_tiger just posted this video in eurofurence, and I had to share it as well:

If you were at EF15, you may have caught unclekage relating the story of how he played a little trick on André (the Ringberg Hotel's "Hairless Master of Alcohol", as it were), surprising him at Suhlvester 2008/09 during his story hour (and if you didn't and just watched the video instead and thought "what the fuck?"... it's probably one of those "you had to be there" things ^^); at EF16, André apparently got back at him and did the same to unclekage at the "Science, Pseudoscience and Outright Crap"" SIG. ^^

unclekage also relates the story in his own journal, BTW:

During my "Science, Pseudoscience and Outright Crap" presentation a mysterious partial-fursuit came slinking in and started pawing at me. I was completely mystified until the suit leaned in and whispered, "Du bist ein dummer Amerikaner!" My turn to be astonished. Andre Oppitz!!! The Hairless Master of Alcohol himself from the famous Ringberg Hotel, home of Eurofurence 13-15, a man who has become a fantastic friend to all Eurofurs as well as to me. He came all the way up to spend a day with us, and he even brought along his mom, who thought it odd but delightful. She was impressed that her little son had achieved rockstar status among this thousand-fold mob of fluffy creatures.

I just love little things like that. :) And I also wish EF17 were here already.

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