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Maybe it's time for a Word Of The Day™ (or a Wørd Öf Thé Dåŷ, with apologies to Colbert[1]):

Gastrosophy is the science of appetite and the art of the table’s pleasures. It combines culinary knowledge with the enjoyment of food, drink and traditions. As with philosophy, its objective is gastronomy and the activities over what is cooked, drank, and above all, how it has been done throughout history.

Quoted from this site, which attributes it to Wikipedia. I can't find the relevant Wikipedia article (and the well-meaning suggestion "did you mean Gastroscopy?" was more amusing than helpful), but here's an entry in the German Wikipedia edition, at least.

As befits a German text, it's dry and technical, but it's interesting insofar as that it points to a distinction between three kinds of foodies, namely gourmands, gourmets and gastrosophs; there's some overlap with the distinction I made myself in the past ("gourmet, gourmand, glouton"), so maybe I should extend that to include the fourth term. :) On the other hand, I'm not sure the idea of a "gastrosoph" isn't crossing into into "food snob" territory, too (where a "food snob" is someone for who it's not the food proper anymore that's central to the experience).

  1. I also can't help but think that this looks a bit like a very weird cross between English and pseudo-Vietnamese. :)
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