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According to the nose counter, Eurofurence 17 has reached 973 attendants — that's exactly the door count from last year. Given that the convention is still more than five months away, this figure WILL increase by quite a bit still.

Interestingly, there's only 29 attendants from the USA so far, compared to 53 last year, but maybe people just don't know yet if they'll get the time off work to make it (and I have no idea how many memberships there were from the USA at this point last year, which makes it difficult to compare). Or perhaps the con (which has moved closer to what US-American cons are like, from what I hear) has lost part of its special appeal: after all, why travel to Europe for a con experience that's closer than ever to the experience you've got at home as well?

Anyhow, all in all, I think it's definitely gonna break 1000 attendants, and needless to say, it's gonna be great. :)
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