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New community

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May. 4th, 2011 | 02:46 pm
mood: thirstythirsty

Just doing my share to add to the ever-growing selection of furry communities on LJ... I noticed that there was a lack of anything whisky-related so far, so I created the following one earlier:


This one really could use some members; if you're interested in whisky (or whiskey) at all, by all means, do join! And once you've joined: post! Talk about your experiences, express your likes and dislikes, show off your collection, write reviews, ask questions, or just generally engage in whisk(e)y-related chit-chat. Get the community going. :)

Furthermore, if anyone wants to help out with maintaining/moderating the community, let me know; it's always good to have several admins, especially if they're from different places/timezones.

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