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Chinese transliterations

Does anyone, by any chance, have any experience with Chinese transliterations / romanizations? I've got an older volume of Chinese novellas, printed in German; I'd like to find out more about the authors of the stories it contains, but the transliterations (using the Lessing-Othmer system) are difficult to figure out for someone with no experience in these matters.

Here's the list of authors:

  • Sï-ma TjiänSima Qian / 司馬遷 (thanks greytail)
  • Dschau Yä
  • Ling Hsüan
  • Gan BauGan Bao / 干寶
  • Schën Dji-dji
  • Yüan DschënYuan Zhen / 元稹
  • Li Gung-dso
  • Bo Hsing-Djiän
  • Du Guang-Ting
  • Pe Hsing
  • Hsü Tang
  • Djiang Fang
  • Schën
  • Dschang Schï
  • Liu Schï-yin
  • Guo Tuan
  • Tjin Tschun
  • Tjü YuQu You / 瞿佑
  • Li Tschang-tji
  • Dschu Yün-ming
  • Hsü Fang
  • Lin Yün-ming
  • Gu Tsai
  • Hsü Schï-djün
  • Li Yü
  • Wang Schï-dschëng
  • Niu Hsiu
  • Dschang Hung
  • Pu Sung-ling

Also, there's two very old stories from the "Warring States" period that are titled "Yü Jang" and "Niä Dschëng", respectively.

I'll probably try and see if I can figure these out on my own, but if anyone's got more experience and can help me out, it'd be greatly appreciated. :)

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