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End of an era

One of the sims I occasionally went to on Second Life, Kerry Bog Farms, apparently kicked the bucket for good.

KBF was a sim next to (and connected to) Alikat's, a pretty big ponyplay environment; it was more rural, though, with nice little quiet paths, babbling brooks, farm buildings, trails and so on. Very nice really, and usually quiet, which is one reason I liked it.

Alas, they ran into problems in March; I noticed that half the sim was suddenly missing then, and when I encountered a friend of one of the sim owners in mid-March and talked to him, he told me that "[t]hey had to split the sim" because "[i]t was getting too costly".

A little later, some new construction started taking place in the northern half of the sim; it later on turned out to be a store for "breedable" ponies (scripted SL objects, in this case; nothing naughty, though). A couple of days ago, a small beach area in what remained of KBF was gone, and when I went to Alikat's again today, I noticed that the entire sim had basically been flattened and terraformed. Whatever there used to be is gone.

I'm going to go out on a limb and speculate that the owners sold the entire thing; even half a sim is expensive, and your space etc. is obviously more limited, so they may have felt that there was no point in paying anything anymore. I can't blame them, but it's a pity; KBF was one of my favorite sims.

Good bye, Kerry Bog Farms.

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