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Chinese transliterations II

Remember this list of Chinese names needing cross-transliteration (from Lessing-Othmer to something sane)? A Hong Kong-born friend of mine was able to help me out there, so here's an updated list:

  • Sï-ma TjiänSima Qian / 司馬遷. 145 to about 90 BCE (Western Han). (thanks greytail, CP)
  • Dschau Yä — Zhau Ya. Around 40 CE (Western Han).
  • Ling Hsüan — Ling Xuan. Around 0 BCE/CE (Western Han).
  • Gan BauGan Bao / 干寶. First half of the 4th century CE (Eastern Jin).
  • Schën Dji-djiShen Ji Ji / 沈既济 / 沈既濟. 750-800 CE (Tang). (thanks CP)
  • Yüan DschënYuan Zhen / 元稹. 799-831 CE (Tang). (thanks CP)
  • Li Gung-dso — Li Gung Zo. Born 770 CE (Tang).
  • Bo Hsing-DjiänBo (more likely Bai) Xing Jian / 白行简. Brother of Bai Ju Yi. 776?-826 (Tang). (thanks CP)
  • Du Guang-TingDu Guang Ting / 杜光庭. 850-933 (Tang or Five Dynasties & Ten Kingdoms). (thanks CP)
  • Pe Hsing — Pe Xing. Around 860 (Tang).
  • Hsü Tang — Xu Tang. Second half of the 9th century (Tang).
  • Djiang Fang — Jiang Fang / 蔣防. 9th century CE (Tang). (thanks CP)
  • Schën — Shen (missing a word?). 11th century (Song).
  • Dschang Schï — possibly Zhang Shi / 張栻. 1133-1180 (Song). Also see this page. (thanks CP)
  • Liu Schï-yin — Liu Shi Yin. 12th century (Song).
  • Guo TuanGuo Tuan / 郭彖. Around 1165 (Song). (thanks CP)
  • Tjin Tschun — Qin Chun. 12th century CE (Song).
  • Tjü YuQu You / 瞿佑. 1341?-1427 (Yuan).
  • Li Tschang-tji — Li Chang Qi. 1376-1452 (Ming).
  • Dschu Yün-ming — Zhu Yun Ming / 祝允明. One of the "Four Literary Masters of the Wuzhong Region". 1460-1526 (Ming). See this page. (thanks CP)
  • Hsü Fang — Xu Fang. 17th century (Ming or Qing).
  • Lin Yün-ming — Lin Yung Ming / 林雲銘 / 林云铭. About 1628-1697? (Ming or Qing). (thanks CP)
  • Gu Tsai — Gu Cai. End of the 17th century CE (Qing).
  • Hsü Schï-djün — Xu Shi Jun. 17th century CE (Ming or Qing).
  • Li YüLi Yu / 李漁. 1611-1680? CE (Ming or Qing). (thanks CP)
  • Wang Schï-dschëng — Wang Shi Zheng. 1634-1711 CE (Qing).
  • Niu HsiuNiu Xiu / 鈕琇. D. 1704 (Ming or Qing) (thanks CP)
  • Dschang Hung — Zhang Hung. Mid-18th century CE (Qing).
  • Pu Sung-lingPu Sung Ling / 蒲松齡. 1640-1715 (Qing). (thanks CP)

He also gave me transliterations for the other names, but wasn't able to find any further information on them or give me the original Chinese versions yet. EDIT: I'll continually be adding more information to this post as I receive it.

It's always good to have friends you can ask about things that are outside your area of expertise. :)

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