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A man can't just sit around

Happy Lawnchair Larry Day, everyone!

On July 2nd 1982, Larry Walters, better known as Lawnchair Larry, tied fourty-five weather balloons to his lawnchair, strapped in and filled them with helium, and ended up climbing to 15000+ feet and floating about for several hours before ultimately managing to make it safely to the ground again — but not before startling several commercial airline pilots and causing a blackout in a residential neighborhood.

When he landed, cops and journalists were already waiting for him, and this is what he said to one of the journalists who asked why he went on that flight:

A man can't just sit around.

Words to live by! Whether it's useful or crazy, do something with your life: you've only got one, so you'd better make it count. If you can look back at your life and say "it's been a wild, fun ride — I've done some mad shit, and I enjoyed it, and I'd do it again in an instant", you've been successful. Don't just sit around.

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