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Daily Eurofurence

PDF copies of this year's issue of the Daily Eurofurence (EF's own newspaper) have been posted, so if you've missed any issue or weren't able to attend Eurofurence and are curious about what it was like, check these out:

  1. #11 (Wednesday)
  2. #12 (Thursday)
  3. #13 (Friday)
  4. #14 (Saturday)
  5. #15 (Sunday)

Alternatively, you can also read them online, but you'll miss a few bits and pieces here and there that way.

Of course, copies of the older issues from EF15 (#1-5) and EF16 (#6-10) are also available on the site if you haven't read those yet. And a big thank you to the "Daily"'s team for creating these, too — having a daily con newspaper at EF is one of the best things since sliced bread. :)

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