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It all makes sense now

I never knew before, but apparently Philip Glass and Peter Schickele (the latter better known as the man who found created P.D.Q. Bach) were classmates at Juilliard School. In fact, Schickele even did a parody of at least one of Glass's works, entitled "Einstein on the Fritz".

What's more, according to this biography of Schickele, Glass spoke very highly of Schickele in an article in the Smithsonian in 1990, stating that "Peter was, in all my class, the most gifted. [...] He could write synthetic Copeland, synthetic Stravinsky, and for that matter, synthetic Bach and Mozart. [...] He inspired us simply because he made music seem easy. He had no fear of the terrors of composition; he took the anxiety out of making music."

And did you know that Schickele also wrote some music for Sesame Street (not as P.D.Q. Bach, admittedly)?

There's no real point to this entry; I just thought it was all rather neat.
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