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Interesting new words

I like the word "fucknuggetry" quite a bit, but the following, from a news announcement over on Dreamwidth, made me laugh, too:

Things that are not spam are generally aimed at a specific account or community and unique to that account or community: [...] other general acts of asspimplehood.

"Asspimplehood" — you gotta love it. ^^ And here's another, related one, from the same post:

All of those things are definitely obnoxious and unwanted, but they aren't spam. They can be dealt with by turning on the "human test" (which may discourage the casual asspimple commenter) [...]

Google does not have any hits for the word "asspimplehood" beyond that DW news entry yet; "asspimple" gets about 7000, but most of them seem to refer to actual pimples on your behind, not the proverbial "Oaschwoazn". :)

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