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365 days of SL, day 7

Wow, I managed to go a full week. :) Only 51 to go!

(Click for larger — 1920x1033 PNG, 1648 KiB)

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day again, with nothing really happening. We did, however, rez a small pool/pagoda and lounge in it for a while.

I set the environment to midnight for this one, and I also turned on full Light/Shadow calculations; I don't usually, as it pulls down my framerate too much (my GPU is decent, but it's not superb, and it IS four years old), but I like the effects it can create. It doesn't actually make much of a difference here, but you can see the pagoda casting a shadow on the walkway to its right.

On the downside, the reflections on the water seem to disappear when I turn on Light/Shadow (you can see those on Day 1, for example). I have no idea what might be causing that.

BTW, for those who're not familiar with SL, the blue and pink spheres are poseballs. Poseballs are colored spheres that act as sit targets for avatars to be animated in certain ways; in this case, these two come as a pair, and one is intended for a guy (blue) and one for a girl (pink). Poseballs are a venerable old method of animating avatars; they are usually hidden when in use, but whoever made this pool/pagoda apparently didn't include that. (But then, as far as I know, it was free, so... gift horses.)

Location: FP Enigma (13, 137, 21) (approx.)

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