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365 days of SL, day 14

365 days of SL, day 14:

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Contrary to what it may seem like, I'm not actually much of a roleplayer in SL. I do enjoy it, and I'm told I'm good at it (when I get into it and have fun, at least), but most of the time, what I do is just spending time with friends, talking, and friendly teasing.

Yesterday was one of those days again where we basically just stood around and talked, too. Our little group (including me, three friends and a random drop-in) conversed on the landing pad[1] at BG, as shown above; the design's a little busy there, but it's a place where people congregate naturally.

This used to be the case in the past, too, BTW. Efforts were then made to entice people to form groups elsewhere and provide dedicated OOC areas, but these have fallen into disuse after the bar was gutted (there really is no other word) and the OOC lounge got cluttered up, so the landing pad seems to be where people on Main[2] congregate again these days.

  1. The arrival area, that is. It's not technically the landing pad for spaceships anymore, but we still call it the landing pad regardless.
  2. The Main level of BG, as opposed to the Yard, the Cellblock, Medical, Staterooms and all the rest.

Location: Black Gazza (landing pad)

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