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Furry or brony?

It's fascinating to see how many parallels there are between furry fandom (at least the ideal furry fandom we all strive for, without the occasional bickering, immaturity etc. that arises automatically in any sufficiently large group of people) and bronies. For instance, consider the following quotes, taken from this interview:

[W]e tend to be extremely friendly, giving, and caring around each other.

This fandom is one of the most creative assortments I've ever come across on the Internet. The fan-made content that comes from this fandom is absolutely mind-boggling. The music, the art, the writings... the content is endless!

The unique thing about [our fandom] is that there are no leaders. Sure, there are a few prominent members, but we generally accept each other as equals.

This is the friendliest bunch that I have ever met over the Internet, or anywhere for that matter.

What are these talking about — furries or bronies? The answer is "bronies", of course, but it's not clear from the statements themselves; they could be applied to furry fandom word for word, too.

I think that's great, really. I love being a furry; it's been a crucial part of my life for a long time, and it affects every part of my life and defines who and what I am. But at the same time, I think it's wonderful that this feeling of belonging, openness, acceptance, tolerance, creativity, kindness and care is not just limited to furry fandom. I'm glad I'm a brony, too, even if I'm only really lurking on the sidelines there so far.

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