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365 days of SL, day 22

365 days of SL, day 22:

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It's been ages since I visited the Yard level of BG — I've been wanting to check it out again for a while now, but I never did until last night.

It's changed again (naturally!). The running track is still there, although it looks different; the middle has an elevator(?) shaft and an observation platform for guards, and there's small hills surrounding it. The ceiling (remember that this is all in a space station, and a prison to boot) is painted with an intentionally artificial-looking sky now, and the holographic floor can be used to simulate grass, snow, sand, or a number of other things. I love it.

The automated rings moving through the track that inmates can be chained to to force them to work out are still there, too, and there's a couple of holding cells around the perimeter. All in all, it's a good place to give inmates a work-out or a drill while also ensuring that they will not be experiencing fun or forget that they are in prison.

I sometimes wonder why we do these things to our characters, and why we enjoy it — isn't it strange that we enjoy acting out these fantasies of putting our characters (quite possibly representing ourselves) in these situations where they undergo abuse, physical and psychological torture, where they're dehumanized and objectified, humiliated and brutalized, locked up and beaten and more? And isn't it strange that we also enjoy acting out the other side — not ALL guards at BG are sadists, or even cold and unfeeling wardens who only care about carrying out their duty, but most are.

It IS strange, in a way, but it's also liberating and empowering, strange as that may sound. And let's face it, many people have such fantasies, anyway; the vast majority just aren't open about them. As for myself, BTW, I find it much more difficult to deal with the guard role: I do play a guard on rare occasions, but I always feel terribly guilty about it, even when I know that the other player is enjoying it.

Anyhow, that's BG's Yard as it looks right now, with the holo-floor set to a golf green-like grass. And it's usually quite empty, so it's the perfect place to score a hole in one. :)

Location: Black Gazza (200, 222, 1235)

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