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365 days of SL, day 46

365 days of SL, day 46:

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I ventured out for a bit on my own last night; I started at Frilly Filly Farms, then headed south on Route 9, but almost immediately took Route 9A instead, which branches off westward just one or two sims south of FFF (in Mogwa). I didn't go very far, but I encountered these and decided to take a picture of them.

These are Amaretto Breedable Horses. They've become quite popular in SL in the last few years or so; I've seen them at Alikat's, on someone's plot (no pun intended!) on the surface at Black Gazza, and probably elsewhere. As far as I can tell, they're some cross of tamagotchis and collectables, with a bit of gamification thrown in: you CAN breed them, and apparently people are trying to create rare colors and the like, and the creators are specifically putting these in to entice people to buy these horses.

Outside of that, they don't seem to do anything: they walk around in their areas, and they have attributes like Hunger, Thirst, Energy, Happiness and, uh, Fervor (wink-wink-nudge-nudge-say-no-more), so presumably they do things like eating, drinking, and makin' whoopee. (Not that I ever caught them at the latter, but it's unclear how animated it would be, anyway; somehow I'm imagining the actual process as closer to some sort of alien mind meld.)

Be that as it may, they're popular, and probably pocketing the purveyor a pretty penny. I wouldn't spend my money (or time) on something like this, not anymore, but to each their own; and unless they get too numerous (or too close), the horses can add a bit of life to a place, too, like here.

Location: Amondeu (196, 11, 64)

N.B. — since tonight was the last night I was on SL for now, there will be no further "365 days" posts until I'm back on, which probably won't be until I'm back home again after the surgery tomorrow.

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