Schnee (schnee) wrote,

This Day Aria Symphonic Metal

I usually just would've added this to the queue for the next "links" post, but it's too good, and I can't wait to share it. :)

You may already know that it's my opinion that even though MLP:FiM has many, MANY great songs (Daniel Ingram is a gifted composer), Chrysalis's and Cadance's "This Day" aria from the season two finale is the greatest — and this is hands down the best cover version of it I have yet heard. Put on your headphones, crank up the volume, and revel in it. :)

It's not 100% perfect, but it comes very close, and I love it. MP3 download here, BTW. Also, if you don't know the original yet, check it out here; it's an amazing piece.

Tags: metal, music, my little pony
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