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365 days of SL, day 75

365 days of SL, day 75:

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When I'm in my stateroom at BG, I usually have a starfield visible through the windows, but sometimes, it fails to render. I never really knew why that was, and attributed it to glitches on SL's part, but I now found that it's actually due to how high I set my draw distance (the maximum distance at which SL will still render in-world objects); the default of 256 m is enough to include it, but when I set it to e.g. 128 m, it disappears.

That said, I rather do like the effect its absence creates: Looking out at an eternal starry night, even though it's pretty, can also be a bit depressing, and seeing a lightly cloudy blue sky instead makes you feel as if you're in an apartment/office high up in a skyscraper somewhere, as opposed to a space station. You almost expect to be able to step outside onto a balcony or porch or so and look at the streets below, full of hustle and bustle and ant-sized people and toy cars, trapped in the urban canyons between the rows of skyscrapers while YOU are high enough to be ABOVE the city, looking across it and seeing the sea, the fields and the rolling green hills in the distance.

So yes, it's definitely nice. Did I ever mention I'd like to live on a very high floor, BTW? Most buildings here aren't very high (four or five floors is common; significantly taller high-rise buildings exist, but they're usually cheaper and aimed at lower social classes, so you don't move there unless you have to), but I'd like a flat somewhere far up, with a nice view of everything. Maybe even a penthouse. ^^

Location: Black Gazza (my stateroom)

Tags: 365 days of sl, second life
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