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365 days of SL, day 85

365 days of SL, day 85:

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We didn't go back to Toy's Toys yesterday after all (maybe today?), but that's OK, since I got this screenshot, anyway. :) There's quite a few bronies on SL, and naturally, you can get pony avatars, too. The above shows two of them.

They're very well-done, too; the cel-shaded look is quite close to the show's own style (I'm not sure how it was achieved), and although they're standing in more or less the same pose in the above shot, a lot of work has obviously gone into animating them properly, too. Seeing them bounce around was quite fun. :)

And as you can see, people have already made gear for them, too. I wonder if there's any socks and saddles (NSFW)...

No, I don't have one of these avatars myself. But I think they're cute. :)

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Tags: 365 days of sl, my little pony, second life
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