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Past Sins hardcover edition

As reported on Equestria Daily, efforts are apparently made to create a hardcover edition of Past Sins (one of the best-known MLP:FiM fanfics, and perhaps one of the best, too)! There's a pledge on PledgeBank; it initially closed on the 31st of May, but as the creator points out, it will be opened again soon: "I screwed up with the pledge. Apparently AT THE MOMENT it isn't possible to sign it. Please wait a few hours, we will expand the deadline!".

So, what will you get? Their Etherpad instance has all the details:

Well, what’s the deal?

  • 1 author
  • 4 people in the core team
  • 2 artists
  • 15 proof-readers

And what can you expect?

  • A hardcover with ~800 pages
  • A professionally designed cover and layout
  • The best fanart existing for Past Sins (in b/w)
  • An unreleased short from Pen Stroke
  • And of course Past Sins in all its glory :)

What’s the price?

  • The book itself will cost ~20€, depending on the number of people who want one
  • Shipping will be calculated based on the country you live in
  • We make no profit of this

So, want a hardcover copy of Past Sins? Just wait until the pledge's open again (it's not yet, despite a few hours having passed already) and sign up for it.

Tags: books, fan fiction, my little pony
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