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365 days of SL, day 94

365 days of SL, day 94:

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I'm really starting to feel a little overloaded again on SL, socially speaking, so some quiet time spent alone can be very nice, too. The day before yesterday, I'd slipped into the sleeping bag in the pile dwelling seen on day 90 to snooze; I figured that whoever owned it wouldn't mind. The area is public, and it's not obviously a private home.

As I wrote a few days ago already (I'm sure everyone actually READ that, right?):

t really felt very relaxing, too; just a simple bag in an open structure on a warm night at a beach somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, with a light breeze carrying the scent of salt and sea, until finally the sun would wake you, and you'd spend another day lounging about, swimming, playing with your friends, eating fresh fruit and grilled fish and drinking clean spring water until the sun'd set and it'd be time to get into your sleeping bag again. What more could you need?

Ah, if only it were real. I'd love to take a vacation on a tropical island somewhere, like that; far away from the luxury hotels and resorts and pools, just simple life, without all the hustle and bustle, without technology, without worries.

The same's still true — it still felt very relaxing, soothing even; Labsal for jangled nerves, calming and relieving the stress that's been piling up again.

Waking up there yesterday felt lovely, too; I looked at the ocean from next to the sleeping bag for a bit until I felt awake, then climbed down the stairs and jogged to the waterfall for a refreshing morning shower. Afterwards, I just splashed around in the water for a bit and enjoyed the warmth of the sun.

(Of course, when I say that "I did" all these things, I mean that my avatar did, in-game; I'm quite painfully aware that it's all just imagination. But hey.)

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And a while later, I was joined by a skunk girl friend of mine; we just sat on the beach for a while and talked.

That was very nice, too; later on, the group grew (as it's often wont to do these days), but as it did, the conversation died down. I made a few attempts to rekindle it, but they didn't lead anywhere (and you can't keep a conversation going all on your own, really — well, you can, but it'd be more of monologue), and I was feeling awfully tired very quickly, so I ultimately left and went to bed.

Unfortunately, I only have my own bed here, not a sleeping bag in a place as lovely and secluded and relaxing as this. It's the curse of the modern world; to paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke, my goodness, it's full of people. I really wish it weren't.

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Location: Sihasapa (213, 16, 29) (Pixies' Creative Learning Environment)

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