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365 days of SL, day 109

365 days of SL, day 109:

(Click for larger — 1920x1033 PNG, 1510 KiB)

Here's the next "365 days of SL" post for those looking forward to these — yes, all two of you. :) For some reason, I kept writing "109 days of SL, day 365" above, but I caught myself, fortunately.

Anyhow — this is a screenshot I actually intended to post yesterday; but when it turned out that Alikat's had gone entirely, I knew I had to (and wanted) to write about that first. I actually considered making a separate post about Alikat, but I quickly realized that if I did, it'd still be a "365 days" post in everything but name.

The above screenshot is not quite the one I originally wanted to post yesterday; instead, it's an attempt to recreate it, with the camera's position and angle the same as in the previous one. It's not 100% perfect, but it's quite close; and while it took a lot of fiddling, I think it's at least as good as the previous one.

Why didn't I just post that, you may ask? That would've felt like cheating. If there's one crucial rule for this project, then it is that the screenshot I post must actually have been taken on the day it's being posted for. Older bonus shots are fine, of course, although if I do a multi-shot post, like day 106, day 90, day 80, day 70 or day 39, all the screenshots will be from that day.


All that said, this is another shot from the Costa Rica estates that I was already exploring on day 101 and day 107. It turns out that once you leave those crossroads behind, you'll quickly end up at the end of the road; it just stops abruptly, and then there's a forest with a couple of trails leading through it. Following those, you come to a volcano, and on the opposite side of that volcano, there's populated areas.

I like volcanos, of course. The volcano island in Jeogeot Bay has been featured several times – on day 31, day 69 and day 73, and it's been seen in the background on day 102 –, and this one here was very nice, too, with glowing lava and billowing smoke and spewing bombs on occasion. (Hmm, I wonder if it's based on the same scripts as the one in Jeogeot Bay now.)

I also couldn't help but think what it must be like to live in the immediate vicinity of an active volcano; obviously on SL, there's no actual risk involved, so you can concentrate solely on its beauty. And I think it was beautiful, and – without wanting to toot my own horn – I think the screenshot came out very nice, too. Just like on day 107, I played with different sun positions again (keep in mind that this was originally on day 108), and I found that Morning lent a very calm and serene atmosphere to it all, that feeling of "the day has just started, but nobody is awake yet; the streets are still empty, there are no cars, and the air is cool and refreshing".

So yeah, I rather like it. I also ran into some technical issues here — I increased my draw distance to the maximum (1024 m), but there were visual glitches, with objects in the distance on the left disappearing (and rerendering) occasionally. I think I selected a screenshot that doesn't have too many missing bits, but I'm wondering what was up with that. Perhaps I need a better video card. (Well, given the framerates I often get, especially with the visual quality settings cranked up, I definitely do.)

Location: Costa Rica (178, 163, 50) (approx.)

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