Schnee (schnee) wrote,

365 days of SL, day 119

365 days of SL, day 119:

(Click for larger — 1920x1033 PNG, 1227 KiB)

Sometimes, the most striking screenshots can be obtained without any sort of planning. Last night was just conversation again; we didn't even go out, just stayed in my stateroom at BG, and I only noticed that I still hadn't got a single screenshot when it was almost time to leave. And I had no idea what I could do that would be remotely interesting.

But the goal is still to have something that's representative of what I did in some way, so I cammed around a bit, hoping to hit an interesting angle, and toyed with the environment — and it only took a minute or two (and two screenshots, total) to produce this one. I've had screenshots of Black Gazza by night before, in the pre-"365 days" days, but I just love how this one turned out. The stark contrast between the inky darkness the station's cast in and its light panels, the perspective — it really has a much stronger "space station" vibe than the previous ones.

Of course it's not perfect (there, that's my obligatory bit of self-deprecation), but I'm still very happy with it. :)

Location: Black Gazza (stateroom level)

Tags: 365 days of sl, second life
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