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365 days of SL, day 128

365 days of SL, day 128:

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I went walking on Jeogeot's roads again last night for a bit. Jeogeot's really become my home continent, sort of — I'm reasonably familiar with its overall shape and the layout of its roads now, and I have a couple of spots on there I sometimes visit, notably Frilly Filly Farm and Lordshore Lookout Point (and the thoughtfully-placed beach towels near), and Jeogeot Bay in general with everything it contains, the volcano island, Michael Linden's home and so on. A friend also used to have a home near Route 9, almost right across from FFF, and I've gone on pony cart tours of the roads before (as the pony, even). So all in all, it really feels quite familiar — I'm not at home there, but it's terra cognita, as it were, unlike the other continents that are still mostly blind spots for me.

Yesterday, I started with a random landmark I had for Route 9; it turned out I was just north of Jeogeot Bay, so I walked further north for a while. Eventually I came across another road: this turned out to be the "Shortcut" road, and the spot I was standing at was Dansim Junction.

As usual, the moles have been quite active, too, putting little touches everywhere to spice things up and make everything seem more alive. *s* This intersection, for instance, had a bench, visible on the right above; perfect for sitting down, with a little wastebin and flowers (lupins?) next to it.

If you looked closer, you could also find mushrooms growing there, and there was a cute little frog sitting under the bench (he didn't hop away, though — fella must've sensed that he wasn't on my menu that day :)). It's little things like that that I really appreciate.

Looking at the above page for the Jeogeot Network now, I think I should visit some of the areas it mentions, too — especially not on Route 9, which is what I usually seem to travel. For all its familiarity, Route 9 is a pretty well-trodden path for me by now, and maybe I should expand my horizon a bit. Jeogeot's big, after all — and so's the rest of SL. I'd love to explore the other continents, too, although I already know that I'll never be able to see all they have to offer.

In a way, that's actually saddening, too, like being a kid in a candy store who knows he'll never be able to sample everything.

Location: Dansim (137, 61, 45) (Route 9 Intersection REZ ZONE)

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