Schnee (schnee) wrote,

Dear web designers...

Dear web designers/developers, the following things is a (decidedly non-exhaustive) list of things that a website should not require Javascript for:

  • Displaying images.
  • Following links, be it internal or external.
  • Downloading files.
  • Submitting forms.
  • Loading/using style information.

It's fine to use Javascript to enhance these things, but if any of them fail in the absence of it, your web site isn't "web 2.0" or "responsive" or whatever the current buzzword is, it's broken.

This is true no matter whether your site silently fails to work, produces the wrong results, or displays a "you need Javascript for this to work" message, too. In fact, that last option is arguably the worst, since it shows that you are aware of the problem but nevertheless unwilling to fix it (or perhaps incapable of it).

Javascript is good and useful in many situations, but HTML has facilities (that do no rely on or require any kind of scripting) for all the above for a reason.

Tags: javascript, web design, websites
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