Schnee (schnee) wrote,

Ohne Worte

For a contest in broniesaremagic — the photo quality isn't exactly great (crappy indoor lighting and automatic white balance; I really need a grey card, and I should be less nervous about doing things that make everyone around me look on in curiosity), but I still like the idea, so:



"Dear fillies and gentlecolts, we have gathered here today to say good bye to a brother, to a friend, and to a very special somepony..."

Poor Big Mac. He sure didn't deserve this cruel twist of fate!

(Props to ungulata for the idea, BTW. And you'd never believe how fiddly making those black arm bands for the ponies was! But I think they came out well, so all in all, I'm happy. ^^)

Tags: food, mcdonald's, my little pony, photos i took
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