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365 days of SL, day 147

365 days of SL, day 147:

(Click for larger — 1920x1033 PNG, 2993 KiB)

After we visited Schneeberg yesterday on day 146, we naturally had to go and visit Moth today. :)

This sim turned out to contain more stuff than the previous, too (well, it couldn't possibly have contained less!); it's located on Heterocera, with Route 3A passing right through it. The above is the area where we arrived: a gated community (IIRC, the parcel denied access to those not on the list, although we didn't verify this), with the flags of Texas and either Ireland or Italy hoisted up. (It's not entirely clear to me judging by the colors which it is.) A rather strange combination, but why not?

As you can see, Route 3A is a rather nice-looking one, too: a wide, uniform road with elaborate streetlights down the middle, more like a glorified sidewalk than a street intended for vehicles. Perfect if you love to perambulate, it's standing still you really hate. :)

1920x1033 PNG, 2692 KiB
800x430 JPEG, 102 KiB

1920x1033 PNG, 2406 KiB
800x430 JPEG, 97 KiB

The remaining areas were developed to varying extents, and with varying levels of skill. I was quite tickled to find a Star Gate nearby, part of the Open Stargate Network; Black Gazza used to have one of these, and I've seen them in a few other places before: near a friend's place, and I think there might be one near Route 9 somewhere north of FFF. Here's BG's, from an earlier screenshot (January 2010):

(Click for larger — 1280x976 PNG, 1325 KiB. Also available unedited; 1280x976 PNG, 1376 KiB.)

They're a rather nifty way of moving around: it adds a mighty bit of realism to not be painfully reminded that you're using a program running on the computer you're sitting in front of when you're teleporting to different locations.

And I like the fact that you have to know the "address" of the place you want to go to. :) Keying in combinations to cause arcane effects is something that just appeals to me, somehow: it feels like wizardry.

Here's this one's inscription, in case anyone wants to go there using another Star Gate:

And as you can see, there was also another of those ubiquitious crystals found along many roads (and, presumably, elsewhere). I've shown and mentioned these on day 44 already: I'm still not sure if they serve any function or whether they're purely decorative, but they're nice.

This one was also quite tall, as A Certain Someone is demonstrating. :)

1920x1033 PNG, 3230 KiB
800x430 JPEG, 124 KiB

1920x1033 PNG, 3202 KiB
800x430 JPEG, 120 KiB

Going the opposite way, we came across a torii, a traditional Japanese often found at Shinto shrines; the area looked somewhat jumbled and may have been unfinished, but it also had koinobori (carp-shaped streamers/wind socks), though, and a blossoming cherry tree, also associated with Japan.

The other screenshot above is just another view of the road, really; perhaps superfluous, but it shows what the area looked like, which may be of interest to future digital archaeologists who painstakingly try to reconstruct the specifics of early 21st century computer cults, such as the one that believed in a "second life" in virtual reality, alongside one's "first life". Heh.

(Click for larger — 1920x1033 PNG, 2883 KiB)

And finally, it was time to leave again. Good-bye, Moth!

Location: Moth (113, 140, 120) (Route 3a)

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