Schnee (schnee) wrote,

365 days of SL, day 152

365 days of SL, day 152:

(Click for larger — 1920x1033 PNG, 1886 KiB)

This picture is perhaps not 100% representative of what I did last night, but I spent some time on Jeogeot, at least.

The object depicted is found near the south end of Lordshore Bridge, in the area of Jeogeot Bay; I've seen it countless times before, but never really looked into it, except for once. (And I forgot about that one time until I looked at it again now and thought, hey, I remember this thing!)

It's calld the "Dreamsnake Interactive Kaleidoscope", and that's pretty much what it is: an abstract, snake-like sculpture of swirling colors; you can push some metaphorical buttons to change its textures, and see the pattern evolve. It's actually quite cute.

Location: Spurness (241, 23, 64) (Route 9)

Tags: 365 days of sl, second life
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