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365 days of SL, day 156

365 days of SL, day 156:

(Click for larger — 1920x1033 PNG, 2519 KiB)

I've mentioned there being a rail track near the airfield in Blacktail Ridge yesterday, but as I only briefly went there when writing that entry to see if the road had a number, I didn't actually show it.

So last night, I went back, took a look around and took a screenshot for y'all's edification. :)

SL tried my best to thwart my efforts, BTW. After I'd set up a nice angle, I found that someone had left some crap lying around, but since it was in a different sim, I couldn't derender it without going into that sim (thus losing my camera position and angle). The second attempt, Firestorm froze when I tried to save a screenshot; after a while, I got a message from my display driver that the OpenGL driver had stopped communicating with the lower driver levels (that's new!), and Firestorm crashed. After that, it initially failed to even log in, just spinning on the CPU instead; eventually, I managed, set up the shot for the third time... and then realized I'd forgot to derender the litter again. x.x Joy.

But in the end, it worked, and you can finally see me standing there (still in a swimsuit, tights and high-heeled boots) at the Okemo Gorge rest area in the Snowlands, next to the Second Life Railroad (SLRR) track. :) The road ends just behind the barrier in the center of the picture, BTW. Maybe I'll walk down there soon: I rather like the Snowlands, and I'm curious what else there is to be found there.

Location: Okemo Gorge (134, 250, 92) (SLRR RAIL GROUP REST AREA)

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