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365 days of SL, day 157

365 days of SL, day 157:

(Click for larger — 1920x1033 PNG, 2114 KiB)

We poked around in the Snowlands some more last night. The area we were in didn't have THAT much in the way of building activity, but after a while, we came across an interesting little house — I initially just commented on how it looked nice with a layer of snow piled up on its roof, but then I noticed it was actually available for rent, and fully furnished for that matter, so I took a peek inside. :)

Fully furnished property is relatively uncommon in SL, judging by my admittedly rather limited experience, even when you're not just renting a parcel of land: tpyically, you'll get the space and a prim budget, and you'll have to provide the rest yourself. The upside of this is that you can go wild and do things exactly as you wish: the downside is that you have to hunt down furniture, quite possibly pay for it, put it up and arrange it yourself and all that. It can be fun (I sure enjoyed doing this with my own stateroom at BG), but there is something to be said in favor of fully-furnished places, too.

And this one was rather nicely done indeed: tastefully sparse and uncluttered, with a decent amount of space, not feeling cramped (like so many houses in RL do), and with all the amenities you'd expect, from a nice large kitchen to a fireplace — sort of like the friend's house I visited on day 117.

It was a two-story house, too, with the upper floor having a bedroom, bathroom and balcony. Here's some more screenshots, showing the outside, the bedroom, the view from the balcony (I don't know if the peak in the distance has a name) and part of the bathroom, respectively:

1920x1033 PNG, 1910 KiB
800x430 JPEG, 76 KiB

1920x1033 PNG, 2061 KiB
800x430 JPEG, 72 KiB

1920x1033 PNG, 1773 KiB
800x430 JPEG, 78 KiB

1920x1033 PNG, 1694 KiB
800x430 JPEG, 53 KiB

The screenshots aren't the greatest, perhaps, but the place was lovely. And since it wasn't actually rented to anyone yet, I didn't have to feel bad about poking around in a private home, either — quite the opposite, checking out the property was obviously expected and encouraged, and this post might even be considered free advertising. (If anyone's wondering, the rent was 500 L$/week, including the furniture, a home automation/security system that I had quite some fun playing around with, and an extra 30 prims for your own use.)

The shadows in the screenshot, BTW, are artificial. Perhaps not ideal for when you actually have Lighting/Shadow calculations turned on — I wonder if LL could be persuaded to introduce a "shadow prim" flag that toggles a prim's visibility based on whether real shadows are rendered or not. It'd be a nice and elegant solution to the problem these fake shadows otherwise cause in the presence of real ones.

Location: Heaton (247, 115, 110) (Heaton Snow! #2)

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