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365 days of SL, day 158

365 days of SL, day 158:

(Click for larger — 1920x1033 PNG, 1801 KiB)

Not all screenshots work out.

This is another one taken in the Snowlands on Sansara. If you took a look at yesterday's shots, you may have seen the peak in the distance visible from the balcony of the house we visited; I mentioned I didn't know its name (and I still don't; presumably it doesn't have one), but I figured you'd get a good view from it.

And you would, but unfortunately the surrounding landscape just wouldn't render properly. Why is this? I have no idea; the terrain proper is showing up, but not extending as far as I think it should based on my draw distance here, and most constructions and building are missing. Even textures aren't loading correctly: you can see gray panels (indicating completely unloaded textures) in the "Christmas Tree Land" below the one large house on the center right that did render, for instance.

And try as I might and no matter how long I waited, none of this changed.

Why is this? I have no idea; I suspect my video card just isn't up to the task, although that's curious: I'd expect a dramtic drop in framerate, perhaps, but not an inability to render the scene at all. I don't think the SL grid itself was at fault, at least, since when I got closer to various objects, they would render just fine again.

We may never know.

If everything HAD rendered correctly, you'd be able to see yesterday's house in this shot, BTW — in the area the riverbed is circling, there's a few steps in the terrain, and then a single, steeper step leading to a plateau next to them (right above a small vertical structure on the other side of the river that I can't identify right now); that's where it was. Well, is — it's still there, obviously, even if it failed to render here.

Anyhow, I imagine I'm not the only one who's having problems like this, and I imagine this is why the terrain in SL generally tends to be quite flat: there's ups and downs, sure, even steep cliffs and the like, but not usually any peaks or mountains to speak of. I can see why; I hope these issues will be fixed in the future so I can actually enjoy the panorama.

Oh, and a fun fact: at 250 meters, this peak's significantly higher than the highest mountain in the state where I live in RL. :P

Moen (138, 252, 245) (Ski Run)

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