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365 days of SL, day 191

365 days of SL, day 191:

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We spent more time at the beach last night, the same one we'd been to the previous day, in Rohanda.

I was looking the area for a bit for something that might be suitable for a screenshot without requiring me to get up from my deck chair, and sort-of settled on a treehouse; I then played around with the environment for a bit, and ultimately decided to just let the sim's own day cycle run its course, occasionally taking screenshots, figuring I'd just select one later on.

Of course, when I looked at them, I couldn't decide: they were nice, but none stood out from the others.

So instead, I had the idea of just posting them ALL, providing a glimpse into what a day cycle looks like that would go beyond e.g. the comparison of dawn, noon and dusk of day 107.

The result isn't perfect, of course. The shots are not necessarily well-spaced; given that I wasn't planning this at the time I took them, some were taken in quick succession, while others have significant gaps in between; and of course they only cover the time between dusk and forenoon, so the day cycle is not actually complete (a full day cycle on SL takes three hours, IIRC, longer than we spent on there).

But still, I like the result, and I like that I'm breaking new ground in this "365 days" project at the same time, straying from the rule that there has to be one specific main screenshot for each day (with bonuses, perhaps). For today, there isn't one: there's twenty-one, and each of them is as important and as much today's shot as any of the others.

Location: Rohanda (53, 216, 21) (Flax House)

Tags: 365 days of sl, second life
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