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365 days of SL, day 192

365 days of SL, day 192:

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Back to the traditional approach of one daily screenshot again. :) I logged in in Rohanda again last night, but we ultimately decided to venture out. I've been jonesin' to hit the Linden roads again, too — the same old Wanderlust that makes you want to take to The Road, the one that Bilbo talked about.

There's no (Linden) roads in Rohanda, of course, seeing as it's a private island, so I took a look at the map; the nearest continent was Corsica (which we were to the west-northwest of), so I identified the end of the closest road on its west coast, and off we went.

The road turned out to be Route 11 (which I think we've not been on before), and we didn't even have to go anywhere to find interesting things. These ghost sculptures seen above were right near its end, in a Native American-themed parcel: an eagle swooping down on a hare, with other ghost sculptures in the background, and bear dancers around the fire on the left, behind the tree. I cannot comment on such things as accuracy etc., but from my entirely ignorant perspective (and I don't mean that as a value judgement; I just literally do not know much if anything about Native American culture), it looked beautiful, at least.

It's moments like these where you remember how and why SL is special compared to other MMO games, too. Sure, the graphics aren't always up to par with the latest and greatest, and you don't necessarily get great framerates (or if you do, it means you cranked down the quality settings significantly), but you're not limited to a world that the designers in a company imagined, and your interaction with the world is not limited to a few well-known gateway points. Anything and everything can have a purpose and interact in a myriad of ways, and almost everything (save for basic infrastructure like the Linden roads) is resident-built.

Say whatever you want, but there simply isn't anything like Second Life: the game itself, the grid architecture etc., but also the world built on these foundations, the Lindens' own work and the residents', and finally the culture that exists in that world, with all its subcultures and special interests and its crystallization points.

Location: Passendale (82, 157, 22) (Heart of the Fingerlakes Photo Gallery and Park)

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