Schnee (schnee) wrote,

365 days of SL, day 195

365 days of SL, day 195:

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I poked around in the yacht briefly seen yesterday again last night; went past the reception room, up to the deck (with a nice pool), and then back into the ship's bowels, finding a rather nice bar, complete with aquaria and glass bottom panels.

It looks like a rather nice place, and if I knew it was intended to be open to the public, I'd be tempted to go there more often; as it stands, though, I'm not sure it is. It is an open build (no locked doors or anything) on an accessible parcel on the mainland right next to a Linden road, so you'd imagine it's fair game, but I can't say for certain. Maybe it is someone's private home; maybe it is open to everyone. Quite possibly both statements are true at the same time.

As long as it is open like this, I have no qualms going there, but I'm not sure I'll be a regular visitor.

Location: Gorgonzola (22, 90, 23) (waterfront land)

Tags: 365 days of sl, second life
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