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365 days of SL, day 196

365 days of SL, day 196:

(Click for larger — 1920x1033 PNG, 1450 KiB)

People often say "you find so many interesting places in SL" to me, but they're really everywhere; all you have to do is go somewhere and take a look around.

The above screenshot, for example, was taken at the coast of Corsica, just one sim north of the previous one with the yacht, still quite near Route 11: a nice, quiet seafront property, simply (and affectionately) titled "My Home". There's a ton of places like that, everywhere, and all it takes to find them is the energy and determination to actually go somewhere and wander for a bit.

I realize that sometimes, it can seem a bit daunting: with all places seeming equally good choices, none stands out as an obvious good choice; and of course not every bit of land in SL is well-developed, and hitting those parts that aren't can be frustrating, too, and give you the impression that all of SL is empty, unfinished, abandoned and so on.

The best advice I can give is to just bring up the map and select something that seems interesting; if you can't decide at all, just randomly choose something. The Linden roads are good starting points, and once you've arrived, don't be shy to look around. And if you don't like the place after all, don't be shy to teleport elsewhere.

On a side note — there's a scam making the rounds at the moment, apparently, so if you get a pop-up message like this...

...then just ignore it; as you can see if you look closely, this isn't an actual system message but rather someone's attempt to create something similar-looking, presumably in the hopes that you will mistake it for the real thing, think they mistakenly paid you the specified amount, and send it back to them.

The particular user responsible for this has been abuse-reported to the Lindens, of course, and also reported to the powers-that-be of the estate where this occurred in the hopes that he'll earn a quick estate-ban until the Lindens deal with him.

Location (for the screenshot, not the scam attempt): Gouda (87, 9, 23) (My Home)

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