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Kickstarting books

Want to help a fledgling author out? shereth is just running a kickstarter to fund publication of his upcoming novel, The Silver Token:

Writing has always been a hobby and an interest of mine. Dozens of short stories, fragments and ideas have found their way from my imagination to my hard drive. But last year I was challenged : write a full length novel. Several ideas were bounced around in my head, possible directions I could go, but then a remembered dream rose to the surface, a simple tale of dragons disguised as men, fighting for their survival ...

[...] What began as a simple idea in my head has evolved into a full-fledged urban fantasy series filled with action, suspense and, of course, dragons. The Silver Token is the first book in the series and is now ready to evolve to the next step. The purpose of this project is to make the story available to the world, as well as fund some promotional and marketing efforts.

If that sounds interesting, check out the kickstarter page for a plot synopsis, FAQs and more. Better yet, spread the word, or even contribute a bit: there's a variety of contribution levels from 1 buck ("Egg") to 1000 ("Reverent Elder"), all with their own perks.

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