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365 days of SL, day 218

365 days of SL, day 218:

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We actually walked down Route 9 for a while again last night, looking for interesting places. Much of the area we came across was more or less undeveloped (or perhaps de-developed, as it indubitably has been used in the past), but there were nicer-looking parcels every now and then, too.

One that caught my eye had a rather literal take on a treehouse, a little further away from the road; taking a picture of the treehouse itself proved difficult, as several of the neighboring parcels were either barren or eyesores (or both), but in the end it didn't matter because a vintage car just happened to glide by in the distance. Why? I have no idea; it was just one of those surreal moments you inevitably get used to after being on SL for a while.

The picture still shows some eyesorishness (I hope that's a word), BTW, but by and large, I do prefer a candid-and-OK-looking shot over a well-manicured-yet-artificial one. Nonetheless, it's a pity this treehouse wasn't located in a nicer-looking area.

I wonder if anyone's ever studied property prices in SL and researched whether the building going on in the surrounding areas affect them, BTW. I'd not expect there to be TOO much of an influence — region/tier fees create both a lower limit and an expectation of what is fair (and what is decidedly unfair), and in the absence of any kind of regulatory framework and given the ease with which structures can be torn down and created anew in SL, the quality of building is likely to be too volatile to have much of an effect on prices, either, since a good-looking area might deteriorate very quickly under new owners (or vice versa). Still, it'd be interesting to investigate (or, rather, to read the results of someone else's investigation).

Anyhow, executive summary — flying car. The future's already begun.

Location: Mallee (196, 197, 37) (Mythius II)

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