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365 days of SL, day 224

365 days of SL, day 224:

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So, it was suggested that with my new garter belt and stockings and all that, I really should be taking a picture of me posing on the hood of a mid-engined supercar. :)

The idea was to use the yellow Countach wannabe seen (from behind) on day 193, but that didn't work out due to the way that sculpted prims work. For physics purposes, as far as I can tell, they still have their original shape; as such, I wasn't resting on the hood as much as floating a meter or two above it, and while I thought I might be able to fudge something with the right camera angle, well... I wasn't.

Anyhow, resting on the hood — that's more involved than you'd think, too. I luckily have a "lay on your side" animation that, despite not being perfect, was OK for this sort of thing, but it's not otherwise possible to assume random positions in SL. You'd think that there'd be a kind of ragdoll interface where you pose your avatar while allowing gravity to have the desired amount of influence on various body parts etc., but no; the only way to pose is to use animations, either standalone ones you're playing or those embedded into objects or poseballs. If it hadn't been for the animation I had, lounging on the hood of a car would've been all but impossible, seeing as it didn't have such an animation built in.

Embedded animations often (but not always) are scripted to allow you to adjust your position (and, sometimes, angle), but merely playing a standalone animation does not afford you even that much control, so I couldn't fix the hovering that way, either.

The car whose hood I'm actually lounging on now (sort of) turned out to be phantom (that is, non-solid). At least this meant I wouldn't hover above it when resting on it; but I'd be lying on the ground inside the car instead, which isn't good either. So in order to appear to be ON the car, I resorted to flying... and then I had to position myself, which took ages, and then keep myself from ever so slowly sinking and stay at a specific altitude instead, which may have required a flight feather (I used one, although I don't know if it really helped in the end or if it was necessary). And even then, I had to futz around with the camera and all that to not make it too obvious that the pose isn't actually entirely realistic.

All this, just to lay down on top of a car?

For an environment that boasts that you'll have a "second life" there, SL is amazingly limited and awkward in many ways.

Location: Beaufort (195, 157, 28) (Japanese Garden Home)

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