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365 days of SL, day 225

365 days of SL, day 225:

(Click for larger — 1920x1033 PNG, 1922 KiB)

Yesterday saw a visit to another beachy area that I hadn't been to before. I'm still often not sure what to do on SL that would be suitable for this project; all the places I frequent and the things I usually do seem to have been covered at this point, and while candid screenshots are fun, there's not always opportunities to take them. And noone wants to see 20 screenshots of "we sat around doing nothing except talk, in the same place as always" in a row, do they?

So I'm often reduced to trying to find interesting places, just for the sake of being able to show something. At least it's broadening my horizon and introducing me to new places I would not otherwise have seen myself.

Last night's is a good example of that. I felt a strong desire to go to Sihasapa again, but since that's been defunct for a while now, I searched for other beaches instead. I wisely skipped one that asked residents to "come visit Fuck Mountain" (well, at least they're not mincing words), and settled for "The Beach  ** Inlet of Orca **" instead, which sounded more interesting.

And it was a nice place, too, so I'll probably be back to explore more; and if it's gonna live up to the promise it's showing, I'll add it to the (far too short, alas) list of places I frequent.

As for the screenshot... I really rather like the blue tones that just so happened to dominate this one, but I'm wondering if SL's renderer couldn't be fixed to not make structures like that lighthouse appear so warped when they are closer to the edge of the screen.

Location: Calenost (227, 231, 23) (The Beach  ** Inlet of Orca **)

Tags: 365 days of sl, second life
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