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Just because there's a lot of US-Americans on my friends list... today you actually get to participate in the political process, so make sure you're making good use of the opportunity. I was tempted to dig out the Night Mare Moon "vote!" button again, but pixelkitties @ DA did a wonderful image that I hope she won't mind me reusing, given it's for a good cause:

(Image credit: pixelkitties @ DA)

Quoting what she wrote in the description there (links inlined by yours truly):

Please take the time to cast your vote, no matter which candidate or party, let your voice be heard. And if you're determined to vote, if you're legally permitted to vote, don't accept NO as an answer from anyone- from poll worker to state official. If you're turned away at the polls, keep in mind there are actions you can take. Check out these websites for information on what to do if you feel that you have been disfranchised in your effort to legally vote.

866 Our Vote — You can also call 1-866-OUR-VOTE to get instant assistance.

US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division — Complaints related to voter intimidation or suppression can be addressed at 1-800-253-3931 toll free or 202-307-2767.

The League of Women Voters

Finally, know your rights. You DO NOT necessarily need a photo ID on hand to vote. Many times you simply require your voter registration, utility bill, or other basic identification. Be informed and check out this interactive map to find out more about ID requirements in your state.

ysengrin also points out Find Your Fucking Polling Place; if you don't mind a bit of swearing, it's a great resource for finding your polling station. It'll even show you who you'll be able to vote for. (Note that this site needs Javascript and cookies to work.)

If you're voting by mail (especially in states that are ONLY voting by mail anymore, such as Washington), don't accept offers from strangers to "collect and return" your ballot for you. You'd think this'd be common sense, but apparently it's happening enough that e.g. King County in Washington is warning about it on their website. (The page previously specifically cautioned against the GOP doing this, BTW, but has apparently since been edited to refer to "various groups" instead.)

If you're still unsure who to vote for, iSideWith is still up and worth a look. It just takes a few minutes, and you'll get a good idea how much agree or disagree with the candidates on a number of issues.

Of course, we all know that you should vote for Junkie Einstein, anyway. :) He'll legalize everything!

Any other links or info that are absolutely must-have right now? Post them in the comments below.

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