Schnee (schnee) wrote,

So nett

A comic I adore just posted this new strip,
Complete with rhymes to fit Zecora's theme;
And since a sonnet's always been my dream
To write as well, I'll share our Pinkie's quip:

Zecora comes to Ponyville with not
a warning nor a sign. She hides behind
that evil cloak. From spot to other spot
she moves – What is it that she seeks to find?

But this is also true: That when she’s here
what follows next; a wave of plague and curse.
A pony mad, another gone, and we’re
to wonder why Zecora leaves us worse.

She is, no doubt, a vile enchantress mare
who dances in her evil forest hut
while mixing brews of deeply evil fare.
She wants a well-cooked pony in her gut!

She’ll hypnotize you if you laze about,
so if you see her come, you’d best watch out!

But don't expect a polished poem from me!
I'm not a poet, I am not a Gryphius;
To proper rhymes I shall remain oblyffius!
Pronounce it right? It isn't my for-tee.

So I shall wrap this up right now before
It gets more painful — even more, I mean;
And with a whimper, not a bang or roar

This sonnet ends. Yet 'fore you heap on scorn —
Do better! Are you Feeling Pinkie Keen?
Prove to us all that art need not be drawn.

Allow me also kindly to remind you
That yet more rhymes are traded with good cheer
In our community. So join us here
And rhyme. But watch! Zecora's right behind you! >:)

Tags: my little pony, poems, sonnets
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