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365 days of SL, day 253

365 days of SL, day 253:

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Back to the Future... or at least the FutureWork Institute. :) We still didn't explore a lot, but I did see another sculpture I'd missed last night — this one's called an Archimedean Spire, and appears to be a three-dimensional variation on the Archimedean spiral.

The creator of these, henryseg, has a page with further information, BTW, both on these and many other sculptures he created. For instance, this is what's said about this particular one:

(Dec 2006) "Archimedean Spire". This is a ruled surface, that is a surface made up of straight lines. The ends at the base of the sculpture follow an Archimedean spiral, the other ends just move up the spire at a constant rate.

The "Spore" (visible in the background!) and the z=xy surface from yesterday are also mentioned. The "Twisted Chain", meanwhile, was created by his brother, willseg.

I never cease to be amazed by what a small world it is, too. willseg is only three hops away from me on LJ; for henryseg, it's four hops. And that's even true when restricted to mutual LJ-friendships.

As for the sculptures again, you can apparently buy them on SL here; I don't think they're on the SL marketplace, though.

Location: FutureWork Institute (122, 30, 23) (FutureWork Institute Island)

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