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365 days of SL, day 259

365 days of SL, day 259:

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Not much happend last night other than sitting around and talking, so here's a picture of the club next doors instead. :)

This is a reasonably popular hangout spot, from what I can tell; there's usually at least a few people there, and there's constant coming and going. Occasionally (very occasionally), we get blow-ins from over there, but they're usually nice enough. :) Sometimes, you even end up with an interesting conversation that way.

Curiously, I've never been there myself. I guess it's as true in SL as in RL that the places that are closest to you are actually the ones you're least likely to frequent (after all, if you go out at all, why not venture a little further from home).

Location: FP Enigma (31, 197, 37) (Wolf Song Resort)

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