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Swinga da Plot

Luna's Sweet Mane, if Jeff Burgess's "Swinga da Plot" isn't the sexiest piece of pony music I've ever heard, I don't know what is:

As Jeff himself wrote in a comment on the song:

This is a swing song. Swing began as an act of rebellion, embracing looser morals, but due to content restrictions, the songs would be just bursting with sexual tension and metaphor. This is swing at its heart--sex in the form of music.

I couldn't have said it better myself; sex in the form of music, indeed. I listened to it when it popped up on EqD because it said it was jazz — and then I sat there hypnotized with my mouth wide open because I just couldn't believe how erotic it was, how ripe with sexual innuendo, how much pure, raw, barely-concealed sex was oozing from every single last note.

Lyrics are in the video's description, BTW; you can download the song for free on Mediafire (seeing as how Soundcloud reached its download limit), or you can buy it on Bandcamp in a variety of DRM-free formats, including losslessly compressed FLAC, for the very modest sum of 0.50 USD (about 0.40 EUR).

Heck, you can buy Jeff's "Master Collection" with more than 30 tracks of pony music for a mere 7 USD. Go ahead; he deserves it.

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