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Luna, you're loved so much more than you know

A beautiful PMV for a beautiful song that I never knew existed: The Moon Rises" (PMV by Konfizzled; original song by Ponyphonic, cover by EileMonty):

The song itself could be a bit longer; I felt it didn't really reach its conclusion, instead coming to an end just at the height of the initial conflict, the point where you'd expect the climax of the dramatic arc. But despite that, it's lovely, even if it leaves you wanting more, not satisfied with the escalating tension between Luna and Celestia, and the rise of Night Mare Moon.

And who could resist that dark goddess of the night, anyway? I know I couldn't. <3

And all will know the wonder
Of my dark and jeweled sky
When all the world is wrapped
In an eternal lullaby
So say goodnight at this,
The final setting of the sun
Tomorrow dawns in darkness
The night time has begun!

There's another Ponyphonic piece, BTW, titled Lullaby for a Princess:

It's the counterpart to the above, in a way, telling the same story from Celestia's perspective, Luna's growing unhappiness, the rise of Night Mare Moon and her eventual banishment; and although you might not think it possible, as beautiful, touching, moving the previous one is, this one is still leaps and bounds beyond it.

If you put it on in the background, it's just a beautiful piece that could come right out of a musical; but when I consciously listened to it and read along with the lyrics, I found myself moved to tears by it. It's not just a beautiful piece, it's also incredibly sad; the pain – both Luna's and Celestia's! – that speaks from it is almost palpable, and I found myself shaken by how much it spoke to me. Despite how much I love music, it's not often that it makes me cry, but this piece managed to have me weeping openly.

And isn't it amazing how much the brony community has produced, and what depth there is to quite a number of these works? Just like MLP:FiM has gone leaps and bounds beyond previous incarnations of My Little Pony and taken it from a mere plastic horse franchise and a ditzy 80s cartoon to a great show with believable and complex characters, interesting plots and stories and high-quality animation and music, bronies in turn have built on this and added a layer of depth that goes far beyond what anyone could possibly have expected.

Make no mistake, there's nothing "just" about MLP:FiM: it's not "just a cartoon", it's not "just for little girls", it's not "just technicolor ponies". Strictly speaking, that may all be true, but there are undercurrents and hints of a background there that goes far beyond all that, and while Hasbro themselves hasn't fleshed it out (and never may), bronies have seized these and run with them. The untold story of Night Mare Moon's rise is as bitter and as tragic as they come.

And one line of the lyrics of this song stood out to me, too:

Luna, you're loved so much more than you know

And this, I think, is true as well. It's said that we are all children of the sun, but how can anyone not appreciate how beautiful the soft, dark velvet shadows of the night are, how serene the dark and jeweled sky, how calming and soothing the moon's silver light? I love the night, and the moon, and I'd never want to miss it, anymore than I'd want to miss the day and the warmth of the bright and beautiful golden sun. Luna, you're loved so much more than you know indeed.

(The song, BTW, is on Bandcamp for a buck. Get it! It's worth it.)

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