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365 days of SL, day 272

365 days of SL, day 272:

(Click for larger — 1920x1033 PNG, 161 KiB)

It's probably no secret that I occasionally dabble in BDSM, and that goes for SL as much as RL. I was trying out a new pony mask on SL last night; like many, it had the ability to restrict the wearer in various ways, both using RLV and by taking over their speech, hearing etc.

It also had various levels of restricted vision, using a HUD attachment that would (partially) cover your screen with a suitable texture. The above shows the effect of the most severe level, rightfully dubbed "punishment": it really is, doubly so if you're also forced into mouselook (i.e. a first-person perspective rather than a third-person one with a movable camera).

However, despite this, or perhaps because of this, I rather enjoyed it1. For comparison, BTW, here's what the "severe" restriction looks like — not very severe at all compared to the above:

(Click for larger — 1920x1033 PNG, 509 KiB)

Unfortunately, the mask eventually had to come off; not just because it'd make it n(e)igh impossible for me to take screenshots2, but also because I think it caused problems elsewhere. Visiting e.g. FFF (last featured on day 131, and also shown off earlier in pre-"365 days" times) was a pretty reliable way of crashing my viewer; memory usage would quickly shoot up, and the process would end up getting OOM-killed as it neared 2 GiB.

I'll have to look into this later on, after this project wraps up — I think I may well spend some time as a heavily-restricted, tightly-controlled pony then and enjoy the lack of responsibility, without the need to think about screenshots (or in fact anything) every day.

A word on the location, BTW: these screenshots were taken in an empty parcel at BG that we happened to be in, so should you decide to go there, don't be surprised if it's – well – empty.

Location: Black Gazza (36, 208, 23) (Marx Island)

  1. Yeah, I know, technically speaking's unrealistic: even with two eyeholes, you would obviously just see one round "tunnel", just like you do when using e.g. binoculars. But like almost always, fun trumps realism, so there.

  2. Technically, it would still be possible, as HUDs don't show up on screenshots by default; but it would still be difficult to get a decent screenshot if you couldn't see what it looked like until after the fac. And besides, it's sort of a loophole anyway, given that it'll allow a vision-restricted mask wearer to see freely anyway (if not in real time), so I wouldn't be surprised if this'll change in the future with HUDs always being forced to appear in screenshots, either due to a new version of the mask or perhaps a new version of RLV, assuming it doesn't already allow this restriction. (Which it doesn't appear to, but maybe I'm wrong there.)

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